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For Landlords

You have oneproperties?

Anyone who owns a property or several properties and wants to receive dividends from it with as little effort as possible has the opportunity to take advantage of the professional services of Home Express

1. Contact us

You can contact us on the phone or via the contact form.

2. We will review and evaluate your property

We will check that your property meets the requirements and will prepare an approximate forecast for the 12 calendar months’ yield based on similar properties and location.

3. Sign a property management contract

After signing the contract we take full responsibility of your property and its management.

4. Portfolio of your property

Our marketing team takes charge to create a stunning portfolio of photos of your flat. Furthermore our copywriters crate original and attractive content.

5. Now we start renting it

From here on we have a go and start earning for you.

Have any questions?

You can reach us by phone, email or using the contact form.

Terms of Use for Home Express Services

Commission and payment:

This is our incentive to maximize employment at the best possible price.

You do not invest anything and you do not commit to fixed management fees. On an agreed date we issue a document and pay you the generated turnover by deducting our commission from it.

Property Types:

We do not guarantee that we will service every property, as short-term tenants are a little demanding. We can service all types of properties: those purchased for investment purposes, entire complexes or your current homes. The important thing is that they meet our location requirements, which you can see HERE.

What our commission includes:

  • Rental
    • Seasonally from May to August through the platforms of: AirBnb, Booking, Expedia, Triviago. With these platforms, we can produce extremely high employment in the summer season.
    • Short term from September to May.
  • Marketing – capturing, describing and presenting the property on various tenant platforms and channels.
  • Booking reservation
  • Organization of cleaning of the property, laundry service and refueling.
  • Pricing – Flexible pricing to optimally increase employment.
  • Communication – maintaining overall communication with tenants and guests 24/7
  • Accommodation tenants.
  • Airport shuttle service.

The commission does not include:

  • One-time cleaning fees for each stay. They are threatened by tenants.
  • This does not apply in cases where the property has been rented for more than 1 month – then they are included in the pricing.
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Supplies

Initial cost:

  • Purchasing a self-placement method
  • Rent / Purchase of bed linen and towels
  • Initial standard cleaning
  • If the equipment does not meet the required requirements, it must be purchased. You can check it out HERE.