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About Home Express

Home Express is a Bulgarian company specializing in property management and re-letting through platforms such as AirBnb, Expedia and Booking.

Our main goal is to build a network of partners for year-round or seasonal employment by students, foreign employees or clients interested in renting a property within one to seven months.

What are we different with?…

Unlike most companies on the market, we strive primarily for year-round occupancy of the property, control over tenant exploitation, and minimal landlord engagement.

With the services of Home Express, you guarantee a professional attitude and management of your property. We will develop, maintain and manage your property through a pre-prepared action plan that brings maximum financial satisfaction to both parties.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to our activity HERE. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find out the most common issues with tenants and landlords. If you do not find your answers there, do not hesitate to contact us!

Questions from landlords

There are a number of questions that we often get asked. In this connection we have presented to you the most common ones and the answers that our customers are interested in.

What is Home Express and how it works?

Home Express is a company that specialized in property management. The difference between real estate companies and our firm, is that we are focused on realizing high annual occupancy rates from short-term rentals which are far more profitable than long-term rentals. The process of becoming our client is very easy and transparent. You can find more information HERE

Is my property eligible for short term rent?

Not every property is suitable for short-term rentals for some of the following reasons:

  • outdated and worn-out furniture – it is necessary for the properties to have been renovated in the past 5 to 7 years;
  • Non communicative area and not central location – if the property is situated in the suburban areas
  • You can find more information about the conditions HERE or send us an enquiry

What are the benefits of short term-rentals vs long-term rentals?

  • We devide the short-term rent into 2 types – seasonal and short-term.
    • Seasonal occupancy is the period between May and August and we lent your property to all holiday seekers and people that typically stay for only a few days. We use the platforms of Air Bnb, Expedia and Booking. In these months the profits are the highest.
    • During the other period of the year, we have contracts with foreign companies, universities and corporations that seek short term rentals for their employees and students. This method is perfect for reaching higher occupancy rates.
  • The amortisation of the property is much lower when letting it short-term.
  • We communicate with your guests.

How can you predict or plan the future profits of the property?

When we take into consideration the average occupancy and planned price per night we can make an assumption about the expected profits. When not in season we compare the prices of similar properties lent to foreigners for a period of 1-9 months and we calculate the annual profits. Our off-season target is at least 80% occupancy.

What am I supposed to do?

This is one of the best parts! You don’t have any except to receive your profits and have the utilities paid – electricity, water, Wi-Fi and internet, TV.

Why do I choose you as my property manager?

  • When we take into consideration the overbuilding at the moment we expect to see a shift in the market and have much more apartments than tenants which in turn leads to an overall decrease of the long-term rental prices. This is something we will avoid by focusing on short-term rents and different type of tenants (students, foreign employees and vacationers)
  • We can firmly say that our service will stand the test of time and the many price shifts in the long run.
  • Our team is also very nice to work with ?

Why do I need to pay for utilities – electricity, water, Internet and TV?

Because of the fact that all of your guests are for extremely short period of type we cannot charge them the utility bills. They will be calculated in the price per night/month of the property.

What is included in your commission?

Our commission fee is percentage of the total profit of your property and it includes:

  • Property lending
  • Marketing – photographing of the property, creation of suitable describtion and presentation in different platforms, keyword analisys and finding the right channels for optimising the occupancy.
  • Booking management
  • Cleaning, loundry of bedclothes and loading with consumables.
  • Flexible pricemaking
  • Communication – we speak to your guests 24/7.
  • Meeting the guests in person
  • Sending a mobile representative of the company when needed

How do I get paid?

We will pay your profits up to every 15th of the month by bank transfer.

Can I see the tenants before they check-in?

Fortunately you don’t need to because using the platforms (Air Bnb, Booking and Expedia) we have access to the guest data. For the rest of the short-term clients, a contract is signed with a deposit and you can rest assured that your property is safe and sound.

What is my initial investment?

  • Acquisition of self check-in instrument
  • Rent/Buy of bedclothing and towels
  • Initial standard cleaning
  • If the equipment does not correspond to the necessary then you will have to buy the missing pieces. You can check it HERE.

How can I see the availability of my property?

Depending on the platform we are using, you will be given access, so you can follow up your bookings.

Which areas and cities do you work in?

Currently we only work in Varna arean including Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatsi). You can ask us if your property is situated in our area HERE

What are the advantages of working on the long-run with HomeExpress?

The more time we work together, the more we can increase our effectiveness and the occupancy rates of your property for we are always trying to book a complete year in advance. With time we can take booking more than 1 year in advance and make sure that your property is always full. Our slogan is basen on these few statements – the short-term is the new long-run.

Have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants are available to help you solve your problem.

Potential profit for short-term lease!

Calculate what you would gain from working with us for 1 season in a short-term lease. You can send your request and we will contact you.

Great people – so easy to speak to
Flavio Spain, 37 y.o.
Really fast to organize everything from A to B. Move in after 1 week of meeting them.
Michael Slovakia - 21 y.o.
Perfect for foregners coming for a few months.
Jamal France - 40 y.o.
I would deffintely recommend for international students.
Tomas Germany - 20 y.o.
Loved the place, loved the city, hated to leave! Many thumbs for the team of Home Express
Matilda UK - 31 y.o.

Potential profit for short-term lease!

Calculate what you would gain from working with us for 1 season in a short-term lease. You can send your request and we will contact you.