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July 1, 2020

Short-term student accommodation in Varna

Many foreign students studying in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria struggle with finding properties to live in during their semesters. The main issue is that most of the students in Varna need to be in the city during the months of September and May. After that they leave to spent their Summer holiday with their families and friends in their homelands. Most of the landlords in Bulgaria prefer to lend their properties long-term for the whole period of their education but the main problem is that all of the students need to pay during the Summer period.

How to tackle this issue?

  1. You can choose accommodation offered by the University and sign for a 9 month contract. However the quality of student flats is drastically low. Most of them are build more than 30 years ago and have not been renovated.
  2. Make a deal with your landlord to lower the price for the summer months but you have to trust someone you have never met before that would not lend your flat while you are gone.
  3. Contact Home Express and have it all sorted for you. In a few words – we are a company that specializes in short-term rentals during the summer and have all the flats free for the other 9 months of the year. This makes our properties preferable for students because they are in the best locations in the city, the furniture is brand new and we can take care of all necessary arrangements about your stay while you are here.

More about the service we offer In a few simple steps:

  1. Contact us – If you are looking for a short term rental of several nights up to 12 months, we are the ones who will assist you. We will send you our portfolio of properties that meet your requirements.
  2. Choose your property – Send us back the properties you are interested in so we can confirm availability
  3. Contract – We sign a contract for the period of your stay and you will have to leave a minimum deposit so that we can confirm your stay. Of course after the end of your tenancy we will return your deposit.
  4. Check-In – And that’s it! The property is now at your disposal! We will arrange for a member of our team to meet you and lead you.
  5. Communication – Our consultants are always available and will be able to assist you with anything.

For more information you can visit the FAQ section:

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